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Store and share files in the cloud using any device



Yandex.Disk is an online storage service similar to Dropbox or Google Drive which was designed to store all of the content you want for free, using any device connected to the Internet so that you can share images, music, films and documents with you friends and family.

Yandex offers 3GB of free storage space, which is increased to 10GB once you install the desktop client, share your first file, and either invite your friends to use the service or promote it on your social networks. In addition, if you have a Yandex Mail account, you can synchronize attached files and share links.

The files that you store on Yandex.Disk won't disappear if your phone or computer breaks, which makes it a way to avoid frustration if you lose your whole hard drive. In addition, thanks to the ample amount of space it offers, you can save all of your most important photos and documents there.

As you can access Yandex.Desk from any device, you will have all of your content at your fingertips no mater where you are.

One of the things that stands out about this storage service is that when you share your files, you can control who has access to your folders and the information stored inside them.

How does it work? Once you have a Yandex account, you just have to enter your name and password. A Yandex folder will appear on your desktop, and you just have to copy and paste the files that you want to share into that folder, just like you would with a regular folder. The only difference is that this one is synchronized with the cloud.